Experience Afther 2 months ussing the Secure Cheat.

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Aug 14, 2022
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Hello Support and Admins Of the forum. afther 2 months ussing the private and great cheat. I just leave you know how i my feel with him..

ESP 7/10 - Well, it doesn't have a 10/10 because sometimes players don't show up if they're 350 meters away. even increasing the distance of esp. and many times if the players are in a vehicle they are not shown if not from 280 meters. that's very dangerous and I got killed a couple of times for that problem. Also note that the Skeleton does not update behind a wall. It only shows what position you are actually in when the player is visible.

Aimbot 5/10 doesn't really work very well if you're not that close to someone, it doesn't work more than 100 meters away. they should add magic bullet that would be excellent.

SuperJump Required parachute: 0/10 : It doesn't work at all, when the game jumps it immediately returns you to earth.

Items and loot: 7/10 : It does not show two-wheeled motorcycles, it does not show airplanes, it does not show some items and tools that still need to be added, for example, the vehicle and airplane repair tool is not shown. It does not show enemy boxes or chests, nor does it show buried boxes.

Menu: 8/10 It would be safer if the menu was opened using the right mouse click in a corner as I have seen in others. so the devs do not detect that one presses the f6 key a lot to be able to open it. There should also be an option to be able to save the user's configuration since every time we open the cheat we always have to reconfigure it.

All my opinions are totally constructive so they can improve it much more and be safer. Thank you for reading my opinion. Cheers !!
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