1. X


    Hello, I bring feedback and comments after use. ESP: If a person is in a car, it won't be displayed more clearly.!!!! AIMBOT:1.If you can, please don't aim at the enemy behind the bunker. 2.Two aiming keys can be set, and different aiming positions can be set for each key. You can switch the...
  2. B

    PYBG Lite Review

    ESP: 4/10, Guns take a lot of space and there's no visible check, target isn't really visible. Also it don't show attachments. Aimbot: 0/10 No aimbot ? wish there was some. Misc: 4/10 No recoil, No sway No spread barely works. Feedback: -Dead boxes must be visible even if you can't show what's...
  3. crazydull

    PYBG new feature request

    Hey Baunticheats Thanks for your awesome PYBG cheat, I’ll make a review in near future. Your aimbot is awesome but it could be perfect if you could add this feature/option. - not aimlock enemy’s behind cover/ invisible enemy’s. Thank you again for your awesome work.